in The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2: 69 Sexy Stories

cover-the-big-book-of-orgasms-volume-2Floating and falling. Rushing and drifting. Weightless and breathless. 

A woman who mixes the sexual and intellectual enjoys an evening of edging with a man who wants her to separate lust from logic. He wants to driver her out of her mind, but as her desires race out of control, her thoughts follow suit.

“A provocative collection of short stories offering a voyeuristic look into human relationships and what it means to surrender to pleasure.”

— Sabrina Sol, author of the Delicious Desires series





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“Restorative Justice”

in Best Bondage Erotica of the Year, Volume 2

final-cover-best-bondage-erotica-of-the-year-volume-two shrunk

The bright red ropes unfurled on Julia’s bed fill Mike with dread, not desire. He’s been tied to other beds – usually because he was about to be single again. Mike’s long hours as a lawyer haven’t made him a great boyfriend lately, but he really does love Julia. Thankfully, she allows him to prove he’s the right man for her. It just requires the man who dominates a courtroom to completely submit to Julia: lying supine, limbs bound, while she shows him just how well she can manage without him.

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“Just Inappropriate”

in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 5

BWE5 coverAvailable at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, and Audible

“A deftly woven story” — Amazon review






Passing Through

bigger coverAvailable at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

“Noteworthy … lovely and well-written.” — Amazon reviewer

Bar owner Gigi Dean has been surprised twice this summer. First, the handsome Army Ranger she hired is the perfect barback, and second, he pleases her in bed as much as he does at work. Long ago, Gigi promised her father that she would never let a man come between her and the family business. However, the temporary employee is making her rethink her permanent decision. Resisting the desire to seduce the Ranger is increasingly difficult, and Gigi is afraid she can’t hold out much longer.

From the start, Noah Monroe made sure his boss knew that working at her bar had a time limit. A stable, well-paying job with his buddy awaits him in Florida at the end of the summer. When he signed on, Noah didn’t account for the hunger that keeps him awake at night. Gigi is gorgeous and his perfect match, but with his departure nearing, Noah is hesitant to start a seasonal fling. In the Army, he excelled at executing precisely planned missions. Will love be his first failure – or his greatest success?




1800 cover smallAvailable at Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble

“Full of cussing, crude, and extreme sexual references starting with the first sentence.” — Amazon reviewer

“For a short erotic story this was very well written and funny. Alexa certainly knows how to write a sex scene!” — Amazon reviewer

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Jason has to find the perfect gift for his perfect fiancée, the beautiful, sexy Kate. But where will he find a present worthy of the love of his life? A bit of afternoon channel surfing, meant to stimulate his thoughts, leads to a home shopping network right out of his wildest fantasies. Before long, he’s stimulated in all the right ways! But will he find the gift Kate’s wanted all her life? Or will he be too distracted by the live product demonstrations?