Alexa’s Bio

Alexa Day has a confession to make. She spent years and years defacing her textbooks by writing romantic stories in the margins. Only now does she realize that if she had used her notebooks instead, she might still have some of those stories instead of spending time wondering who got her books after she turned them in.

Years later, when Alexa’s life took a tragic turn into law school, her mom sent her a care package filled with sweets, aromatherapy candles – and two romance novels. Delighted with this escape route from law school and yet frustrated by the absence of heroines she could identify with, Alexa returned to old habits and began writing in the margins of her books again. This time, she actually kept some of the books.

Today, Alexa is on a mission. She writes with just a touch of the inappropriate and heroines who are anything but innocent. Her romances feature bold heroines who find relationships full of adventure, excitement, and spectacular sex on their own terms. Her ultimate goal is to stimulate both the intellect and libido of her readers. For hot, thought-provoking reads, follow Alexa Day and think kink!

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