what if Storm and Wolverine …

Part of being a writer is asking what-if. It’s actually the best part. If you’re an interracial romance fan, you probably spent a lot of time watching TV and movies and reading books with that very question in mind. It’s frustrating and satisfying at the same time, like an itch you can’t quite reach by yourself.

Playing what-if in the 21st century is a different ball game, though. Through the Internet, you now have the benefit of knowing you are not alone (even if it’s just the two of us – it’s okay), and you can now get together with other people who have been playing what-if along with you. Take heart, friends. You’re not alone any more.

So let’s play! I have to give a shout-out to World of Black Heroes for assuring me that I’m not alone here.

Wouldn’t it be hot if Storm and Wolverine of X-Men fame were together?

If you’re a comic book geek (I have tendencies in that direction), then you know that they’ve been together in the relationship sense before. So I’m not saying something no one has ever thought of before. In fact, World of Black Heroes will tell you all about their daughter in the alternate universe. But take a second and imagine that, using whatever media image makes you most comfortable. World of Black Heroes has a most thought-provoking video up at YouTube to assist you as you consider this.

(Yeah. World of Black Heroes — they’re my heroes.)

I’ve always thought these two would be a good match. They’ve been around. They’re just cynical enough. He is struggling with the sort of responsibility she has shouldered gracefully for years. In return, she could throw everything she’s got at him, and he’d never back away or flinch or think any less of her. Plus they’re hot people. That has to count for something, friends.

Now, if you really want to bend your mind, consider the estimable Storm with Thor of Asgard.

You’re not alone, neighbors. I think about this sort of thing, too. What other what-if’s are you getting your heads around?


    1. I know, right? And they really would be good for each other, unlike some of the people they have chosen for themselves in the past.

      Oh, well. At least we have the alternate universe. And who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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