Blinded with Science: The Enduring Appeal of the Hot Geek

My love affair with the intellectual started early. I was in middle school, struggling with the choice between Dracula and Edward Rochester, when I fell in with Sherlock Holmes. He was absolutely brilliant, and he could not have been less interested in women. Sure, he was a bit of a bad boy. He smoked, and let’s face it, the man had a drug problem. Still. It was riveting to watch him think, and I loved that he wouldn’t engage in all sorts of foolishness to impress women.

(I’m still all about Holmes, but just the one from the Conan Doyle books. No other Holmes holds a candle to the original.)

The modern geek is something of a phenomenon these days. He’s a little different now. For one thing, he’s a lot more likely to be successful with the opposite sex. But his appeal is still based on the same few classic characteristics.

He seems unaware of his masculine wiles. His laser-beam focus is generally trained on something other than the pursuit of women, which paradoxically gives women the chance to observe him without interruption. He’ll frown at his notes, the cute little furrow appearing between his brows. He’ll rub his poor tired eyes. He’ll spend hours and hours in single-minded pursuit of his obsession, whatever it might be. He’s on fire with passion for something, whether it’s the secrets of space flight or a cure for disease, and what woman doesn’t want a man who can be passionate about his life’s work?

He has no game. At all. When he’s into you, it’s not just to make you another conquest. He’s not trying to get away with something. Honestly, he was probably paying attention to something else when you entered his world. Once he’s committed, though, he’ll choose to pursue you with his whole mind, even if he doesn’t really know what to do once he has your attention. It’s WYSIWYG at its finest.

And then there’s the physical. The little dorky touches like his bowtie, or his comic book t-shirts. The way his glasses draw attention to his eyes. The frustrated little twist that takes his mouth by the corner when he’s figuring something out. The long fingers on a keyboard or wrapped around a pencil. He’s hot, in a very specific way.

The hot geek isn’t rare, really. He’s just elusive. Since he has no game and has no idea that he’s attractive, he’s not out on the town looking for women. He’s got other things to occupy his time. When you find one in the wild, buy him a drink. It’ll make him blush and fidget in the cutest way.

My book, ILLICIT IMPULSE, features a hot geek, John March. His passion is women, actually; he studies the things that bring women and men together and the things they’ll do when they get there. So why can’t he figure out how to escape Grace Foley’s friend zone? Is he overcomplicating matters, or are things really not as they seem?

John’s going to discover the answers – the ones he asked for and some extras – in ILLICIT IMPULSE, which is available March 1 from Ellora’s Cave.


  1. All hail the geeks! They truly make the world go round and that behind the scenes, below the surface dynamo packs quite a punch for the right women. Because I was one of the fortunate few to get a peek at this book, I can vouch fact that John’s all that and a bag of chips. Can’t wait to get my copy of ILLICIT IMPULSE!


    1. Thank you! I do love John — he’s so cute, and he’s a genuinely good guy, despite his cluelessness. He just doesn’t seem to get how attractive he is! One of his best assets, though, along with his lack of game. He’s in for quite a time in Illicit Impulse!


  2. I’m not sure which I like more – Lexi’s image of a “WYSIWYG” guy (LOVE that), or Denise’s “all that and a bag of chips”. 🙂 Y’all crack me up!

    But back to business – Lexi, have you seen the new “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch? My new, all time favorite Holmes! It used to be Holmes by Jeremy Brett, but Benedict has just swept him.The third season left on an amazing Richenbach Falls cliffhanger (with some fabulous sexual tension.)


    1. I think the WYSIWYG man is every single woman’s fantasy, at one point or another!

      Benedict is delightful, isn’t he? Another reason, as if I needed one, to see the next Star Trek movie! The new Sherlock lost me when Irene Adler turned up nude, but I admit to having a pretty good time before then. Jeremy is still my favorite — he is absolutely unreachable, like the Sherlock of my youth.

      I’m not sure why the modern adaptations have to sex up Irene. I hope it’s not for the benefit of the intrepid girl moviegoer.


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