Good Lord, Man! Put Some Pants On!

Sometimes, when the world gets all crazy like this, I tell myself that my readers on this blog and elsewhere wonder where I am.

No, don’t tell me. What’s important is that I believe it myself.

So where have I been? I’ve been getting work done. For YOU.

See, an erotica writer’s work is never done, and that’s good news for everyone. My work is terrific!

First and foremost, I’m writing. My next book, which is a follow-up to ILLICIT IMPULSE, is still in the drafting stages, but that extremely rough initial draft is almost done.

I’m also trying to get the word out about ILLICIT IMPULSE. Most of that work is driven by social media, so I’m on Twitter or Facebook (I say that because I can rarely manage both). Of course it’s work! It isn’t easy keeping up with everyone’s posts and looking for friends and followers and marking my calendar and liking and retweeting and all the rest of it. It’s loads of fun, but it isn’t easy.

Here’s just one example.

As part of my awesome job, I have to look at pictures of hot shirtless men and share the hottest and shirtlessiest of them with you, my friends and followers. This is expected of me as an erotica writer. I should know where to find a picture of a hot shirtless dude, which in turn makes you think about some of the things that appear in my books. Everyone wins.

The trouble is that recently my Facebook news feed – which is part of my job and essential to the hard work I do for YOU – is no longer content with the shirtless. My feed these days is filled with those who are not wearing any clothing at all. They’re artfully posed, of course. I see them on their knees, doing the housework, for example. Several are in the bathroom, holding a towel over themselves with one hand and looking intently out at something. I saw one dressed as a cowboy – in the sense that he was wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a saddle toward a horse. He wasn’t wearing any clothes, though, and as much as I enjoy looking at the hot, shirtless men, I had to wonder what on earth he was about to do with no clothes on.

I am not a prude. Please be assured that I enjoy objectifying the hot shirtless men, and they seem to enjoy it, too, truth be told. It’s just that … well … I don’t want to see EVERYTHING. Not right now. I want to wonder. I want the progression. I want to hear belt buckle and zipper, and I want to find out whether he’s got on briefs or boxers or boxer briefs (win win win) or nothing at all under there. I want the progression to pantsless.

If I get everything at once, I guess I’m not impressed. I feel terrible for complaining about this. But honestly, where was that cowboy going without his pants on?

Still, as I keep saying, I work for YOU. And I think YOU are wondering where you can go to see some of these hot men, so that you can make this call for yourself. I like this about you. You are wise and discerning in that way.

I’m not going to post anyone here. Instead, I’m going to direct you to my favorite source of hot shirtless men on Facebook: Fifty Shades of Hot. If you scroll down far enough, you will see the guys I’ve mentioned here. Have a look and let me know what you think!


  1. Oh, my! Did you see Jensen Ackles? Meow! I agree that I prefer to have a certain amount left to my imagination and ANTICIPATION. And while I enjoy the definition, I’m not adverse to a little body hair on my man. Yes, I know the adage about grass on a playground, but I enjoy the diverse textures of a man’s body, don’t you? Anyway, thanks for doing your part!


    1. You know, you got me thinking here. Because I really do enjoy the diverse textures of a man’s body, but only if I’m actually touching him. If I am just staring at him, I have a slight (very slight) preference for smooth and clean shaven. But this has me thinking. Do my preferences neatly break out according to sense? How would that even work? Hmm.

      I did not see Jensen. Perhaps I should go back and spend several minutes looking for him. 🙂


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