They’re Hot. They’re Naked. They’re two different colors.

Madeline Iva and I are going there with interracial romance novels. You should go there with us.

Lady Smut

FergusonBy Madeline Iva

Folks, there’s been a lot of really unhappy news coming from Fergusson, Missouri lately. I hope you find the ugliness as disturbing as I do.  So in an effort to ‘give peace a chance’, I’m sharing (with her permission) this email exchange that I had with Alexa Day about two weeks back.



>>> I’m noticing an increase in the stats on my interracial posts. I’d like to keep that momentum up, if possible, and not just because I’m on a countdown to my own release date. Is there anything you want to hear about interracial romances, anything at all, that I haven’t already written about? Feel free to put this question to the crew.


>Okay.  Well, for starters, I’m interested in the difference between interracial romances between black woman & white men and black men & white women.  And hot suggestions for both.


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