Month: November 2014

Lust in Brief: Recapturing the Potential of Sexting

Some people think of what sexting is, and they abstain. I imagine what sexting could be … and I fear my phone bill.

Lady Smut

Come on. You can do better than "What u doin," can't you? Come on. You can do better than “What u doin,” can’t you?

By Alexa Day

Dick pics, clumsy conversation, and a general lack of discretion have given sexting a bad name, and that’s unfortunate. The cell phone is so ubiquitous that it’s become something of an annoyance. Texting in general is almost the same way; how often have we sent a text message to someone we could call in order to avoid actually having to speak to that person?

Sexting is starting down that road, too. Instead of the elaborate dance of flirtation and seduction that existed in the time before the telephone, sexting has reduced all that delicious interaction to a single picture (which could be of anyone’s dick, really), a request for validation (‘U likey?’), and the inevitable proposition. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you wearing the black ones?

At its best, sexting can…

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