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Illicit Impulse

ajd_illicitimpulse_coverlgAvailable at Amazon, Kobo, and Loose Id

Scientist John March has a problem. He needs the perfect subject to test out his new project, a sex pill called Impulse. His best friend, Grace Foley, might be the right woman for the job. She’s more than willing to see just how far these pills will take her … and her friend with benefits. But can John maintain his objectivity when he wants Grace for himself?

Grace wastes no time testing the big red pills and her own boundaries with her buddy, Tal Crusoe. Grace’s real fantasy is to spend more alone time with the sexy scientist who gave her the drugs, but her best friend has already refused her once. They’ll never go to the next level, but sharing her experiences with him – in explicit detail – might be the next best thing.

Unknown to either of them, Impulse has powerful side effects, including restlessness, chills, increased arousal, and brutal honesty. Continued use might result in breathtaking climaxes, exhibitionism, and complete loss of inhibition. You might even say it’s counterindicated for staying in the friend zone.

Note:Illicit Impulse was previously released by some other people. It has been revised and re-edited in this version.

“Three, After Midnight,” in Mysteries of the Macabre

Halloween_cover1-188x300Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks

Deirdre lost her husband, Cameron, one long-ago Halloween night, but every Halloween night brings the chance to get him back. She just needs to find a man willing to … get between them. Trip seems like a perfect choice. With his hard body and open mind, surely he won’t mind letting Cam borrow him for a night. If he’s into it, they’re in for one mind-blowing reunion. But if he resists, will Cam’s spirit be strong enough to protect her from the man she chose for him?

Five authors, five stories — all about Halloween! You’ll find genuine pulse-pounding horror, spooky romance, a lighter look into the shadows, and a story about one night of sexy fun with ghostly possession. Tricks *and* treats abound!