Month: May 2016

The Start of a Red Hot Summer

Welcome to the new site!

This is going to be a big summer for me, and I’d love for all of you to be part of it. I’ve renovated the website. I’ll be posting about upcoming projects and Facing the Shark, my self-confidence workshop. Pretty soon, I’ll even have some free reads to share with you.

It’s a good time to be here.

If you want to keep up, the best way is to follow the blog. There’s a button near the top of that column on the right.

You can also find me on Facebook and on Lady Smut, where I blog every Tuesday.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Many, many thanks to Lex Valentine, who designed my super hot website header. If you’re looking for some web design goodness, have a look at her Winterheart Designs!


Snctm: House of Raised Eyebrows

Lady Smut

Being in charge is about more than just holding the crop. Being in charge is about more than just holding the crop.

By Alexa Day
Full disclosure: I first heard about Snctm in the sex issue. Also in the sex issue is a list of sex toys, which includes something called — and I am not kidding here — the Mandingo. The Mandingo is a 7-inch long bloodstone (which is black) “love wand” intended to “bring healing and orgasmic energy into your life.” I just want you to have some context.
In fairness, Snctm is also in The Daily Beast. I enjoyed reporter Jen Yamato’s coverage; she seems to view the Snctm experience without goop-colored glasses. That’s definitely worth reading.
It’s kind of difficult to describe anything in with any level of specificity, but I’m going to try to do it with Snctm.
Snctm is a sex club in Beverly Hills. (They’ve apparently had a party in New…

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