Month: June 2016

The Magic Word Is ‘Now’: A Glance at Femdom in Erotic Romance

Femdom lives!

Lady Smut

Don't let that cover fool you -- the heroine is definitely in charge here. Click and get yours. Don’t let that cover fool you — the heroine is definitely in charge here. Click and get yours.

By Alexa Day

Don’t call it a comeback. Femdom has been here for years.

And why not? Female dominance has a great deal to offer erotic romance. Next week, on the release day for my own femdom-themed story, “Passing Through,” I will devote a great deal of time to exploring what’s hot about the woman on top. For now, consider the obvious benefits. Femdom books focus on the woman in charge. She might be at the top of the food chain at work. She might be the leader of her single-parent household. Maybe she’s redefining herself, and by extension, the world surrounding her. Whatever her situation, the femdom heroine has a lot in common with the increasingly kink-curious reader, the modern woman who finds herself in control of more things now than…

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Hero to Obey … Deal to Love

Hero to Obey cover image

Want to hear some great news? I’m contributing to Hero to Obey, a box set of 22 stories featuring military heroes and loads of kink. It’s a collaborative effort unlike any I’ve ever worked on, and I’m proud to be a part of it!

The box set releases on June 28, but you can preorder your copy right now for just 99 pennies. You can find all the links over on the shop page.

Need convincing? I get it. Times are hard. Who knows what you might do with 99 cents?

But here are five reasons you should go ahead and drop that money on this box set.

1. Hot military men. What is it about military men? Is it their code of honor? Is it the air of command? Maybe it’s their well honed physiques. That’s my guess, anyway. Whatever the appeal is, the military man is very well represented in these 22 stories. You are sure to find someone to make you very tingly indeed.

2. A veritable smorgasbord of kink. Left cold by the same old kinky stories? Fear not. Hero to Obey covers a huge spectrum of naughtiness. From my femdom story (more below) to some hot historicals to some splendidly dark capture erotica, the set covers a wide range of wicked temptations. You will definitely find something you enjoy. (Especially if you happen to enjoy spanking.) You might also discover something new to tickle your fancy.

3. Femdom. The women are usually in charge in my stories, but not in quite this way! In “Passing Through,” the heroine, Gigi, owns a beachside bar and is crushing hard on her barback, a former Army Ranger. She wants him on his knees and at her service. And who wouldn’t? Whose heart doesn’t race just a little at the thought of having a man at the height of physical and mental fitness under her exclusive control? Who wouldn’t want a man like that at her command? That’s certainly a thought to sleep on, right?

4. It’s so … big! You’re not getting 22 short stories here. These are nice hefty novellas, weighing in between 15,000 and 35,000 words. Oh, yes, my friends. You’re welcome.

5. The outstanding company. My fellow contributors include some real luminaries in the world of erotic romance. Sierra Cartwright is among us, as is Desiree Holt. Paige Tyler and Alta Hensley are both here. There’s something for kink-loving fans, and there’s plenty of opportunity to find a new author to love.
Now’s your chance. Click on over to get your preorder on. Then get ready for a very hot summer!